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Oak Hill Cemetery

This is a remarkable place, where time seems to almost stand still. When you walk through our cemetery gates, and are on the grounds of our cemetery, you’ll be aware that life–in its busy clamor–is moving all around you. Traffic hurries by; cars, buses, and pedestrians, all with attention focused on the details of their day. Yet here all is serene and contemplative. Our cemetery is a placed where you can find quiet refuge from day-to-day life. We invite you to explore each of the sections below, and should you have questions about anything you find, please call us at 845-358-0012, or email us.

Gallery of Images
Here you’ll see a hand-picked selection of photographs of the grounds of Coventry Cemetery. It’s a place graced by leaves and green lawn, open air, and sunny skies. It’s also a place where you can connect on a deeper level with nature, and the legacies of lives.
Cemetery History
Over time, cemeteries in America have changed greatly in appearance. Yet, one thing has always remained the same: when you come through the gates of a cemetery – whether it one steeped in history, such as Arlington National Cemetery or Mount Auburn, or a modern “memorial park”– you are leaving the mundane day-to-day world, and entering a timeless place.
Map of Grounds
Are you planning to visit our cemetery? Whether you need to attend a service on the grounds, would like to pay respects to a loved one, or simply want to stroll among the stones, a map might be just what you need.
Directions to the Cemetery
We’ve included everything you need to know on this page, including our hours of operation, our location, and driving directions.
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