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Burial Options

In-Ground Burial Spaces

Oak Hill Cemetery offers families a variety of in-ground burial options. Most commonly, families need a single grave space; or sometimes they need a lot of two or more grave spaces. Not all interment rights are available in all sections of the cemetery, so please contact us for availability.

It’s important you know purchasing a burial space in a cemetery is not like the traditional ownership associated with purchasing a piece of land. Ownership of burial space only indicates that you have perpetual use of that space for the sole purpose of the burial of human remains. The title to all cemetery land remains in the name of Oak Hill Cemetery.

As the owner of burial space in a cemetery, you can dictate who may or may not be buried in that space. Your instructions for who may or may not be buried there will continue past your lifetime, if prepared and filed with our office.


                              GRAVE PRICES

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cremation plots available




A crypt is designed to hold casketed remains. Following a casket entombment, the crypt is sealed, and a granite front is attached.

There are different kinds of crypts, including:

•    Single crypts designed for one entombment only
•    Companion crypts, which are double crypts permitting two entombments

Most mausoleums are built four, five and sometimes six crypts high. The price of the crypt will depend on its type and location. That is to say, upper-level crypts are less expensive than those located at eye level. We offer a selection of crypts you can choose from, priced to meet most budgets. Call us to learn more.

Care and Maintenance

Our groundskeepers provide regular cemetery care and maintenance, which includes cutting grass, regarding graves and lots, roads maintenance and drainage. Part of the sale of each burial, entombment, or cremation niche space is placed in the PERMANENT MAINTANCE  trust fund, which ensures that such care will continue long after the burial of a loved one.