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Our list of common questions comes directly from the families we’ve served over the years. And the answers come from our years of professional experience. Together they will educate and inform you, our website visitor. However, if you don’t see your question listed, don’t despair. Just pick up your phone and give us a call at 845-358-0012.

1. Is Oak Hill Cemetery Cemetery running out of space?
2. What is Perpetual Care?
3. Must I buy a burial vault?
4. Can a vault be personalized?
5. Are there vaults for cremated remains?
6. What are the advantages of a mausoleum burial?
7. Can I bring my pet to Oak Hill Cemetery?
8. Can I bring flowers?
9. Can I bring food?
10. Can I change a memorial later?
11. Can you help with genealogy questions?
12. Can I move a loved one from a grave into a mausoleum?

Question #1Is Oak Hill Cemetery Cemetery running out of space?
Answer:Just like all cemeteries, Oak Hill Cemetery spaces are a finite resource, and as such, are at a premium. If you are interested in purchasing a burial or cremation space, we suggest you call us to make arrangements as soon as possible.

Question #2What is Perpetual Care?
Answer:This is the same as Endowment Care. Both funds are collected with each interment space sale to maintain the grounds, roads, and buildings of the cemetery.

Question #3Must I buy a burial vault?
Answer:In most areas of the country, state or local laws do not require that you buy a container to surround the casket in the grave. But, Oak Hill Cemetery (like others around the country) requires that you have such a container so that the surface soil will not sink, making grounds maintenance difficult and the cemetery less beautiful.

Question #4Can a vault be personalized?
Answer:Yes, we can show you the wide range of personalization choices, including customized nameplates and military insignias.

Question #5Are there vaults for cremated remains?
Answer:Yes, we offer urn vaults, designed for in-ground burial of cremated remains. Call us to learn more.

Question #6What are the advantages of a mausoleum burial?
Answer:Mausoleum crypts are both clean and dry. They offer a viable alternative for those who simply have an aversion of being interred in the ground. Furthermore, with the growing shortage of available land for cemetery use, mausoleums will allow for a maximum number of entombments in a minimum amount of space. Speak with an Oak Hill Cemetery professional to learn the availability of mausoleum space.

Question #7Can I bring my pet to Oak Hill Cemetery?

Question #8Can I bring flowers?
Answer:Fresh flowers are only allowed at certain times of year. Only artificial flowers are allowed in our mausoleum. Please contact us for more information, at 845-358-0012.

Question #9Can I bring food?
Answer:It is common –in fact in some areas of the country it is traditional – for families to enjoy a small picnic with their departed loved ones. We encourage such gatherings, as long as it’s kept small, and relatively quiet. Please clean up afterwards, depositing all refuse in the appropriate receptacles.  

Question #10Can I change a memorial later?
Answer:We know how time can cause us to change our minds. If you’ve purchased a memorial to a loved one, and find that today you’d like something different; all you need to do is contact us to review your wishes. A member of our staff will be pleased to discuss your thoughts and intentions. Call us to set an appointment.

Question #11Can you help with genealogy questions?
Answer:Yes, we receive genealogy questions all the time. We have complete records of all interments, and will be happy to assist you. Review our Genealogy & Family History page, or call us to learn more.

Question #12Can I move a loved one from a grave into a mausoleum?
Answer:Yes, but the request may be denied due to space availability. We are always willing to accommodate the changing needs of the families we serve. Contact us to see if this is possible.