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Grave Decoration

As part of our continuing effort to keep the grounds of Oak Hill Cemetery beautiful, we’ve established a set of guidelines for the decoration of burial spaces. If you plan on visiting the grave of a loved one and paying your respects by leaving flowers or other grave decoration items, please review the following information before selecting your token of remembrance.


The planting of trees, bushes, ivy or other ground cover in the ground on graves or lots will not be permitted.
Artificial decorations, flowers, wreaths, blankets, etc., will be permitted only between November 1st and March 1st, and will be removed by the Cemetery during spring clean up.
During the grass mowing season (April 15th to October 31st), in the interest of safety, fresh flowers will only be permitted in approved containers.
 Tin cans, glass jars, and other breakable containers may not be used. Empty containers or those containing withered flowers will be removed by the Cemetery.
Living plants in containers (pots, boxes and artificial decorations, etc.) are permitted to be placed on graves or lots within seven (7) days before Easter, Memorial Day, Mothers Day and Fathers Day. All such decorations must be removed within Seven (7) days after said days,  or will be removed by the Cemetery thereafter.


As always, if you have a question, just call us. We’re here to help.