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Cemetery History

Over time, cemeteries in America have changed greatly in appearance. Yet, one thing has always remained the same: when you come through the gates of a cemetery – whether it one steeped in history, such as Arlington National Cemetery or Mount Auburn, or a modern “memorial park”– you are leaving the mundane day-to-day world, and entering a timeless place.

Oak Hill Cemetery has been a part of the community for years. Many area residents have come to know it as a space where you can meditate; a place where you can come into contact with spirituality. Others simply come to reconnect with, or commemorate the memory of, someone they held dear who is interred here.

Still others come in the name of genealogical or social research. Perhaps they are building a family history, and wish to access the records of those buried here. Or, they may be writing about local history for publication in a newspaper or magazine article, or even a book. Whatever your needs and expectations, we hope this brief review of the history of Oak Hill Cemetery will be insightful. If you have questions about our cemetery history, please call us at 845-358-0012, or send us an email using our contact form.